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skin cancer.

Hi there,
My friend has just come back from his dr. His dr. says he "thinks" he may have skin cancer. Which he should have not said as it is only "think"
The symptoms are like an ezema, On his back, front and limbs it is like a raised patch which is flaky, when scratched it bleeds. ( which one expects)
Has anyone advice on skin cancer for us to look for, I didn't know it could be all over the body at the same time, only in patches. To start with the condition looked just like shingles. Then this moved all over the body.
Could someone please help us with this dilemma.
Thank you kindly.
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if its the diagnosis of a dermatologist or an oncologist doctor... you must believe it... but if its a GP... go to dematologist and Oncologist doctor for confirmatory purposes...

if it is really a cancer... early treatment is the key of treating skin cancer... for now... try to avoid stimulants that could increase the severity of your condition... increase vit C, E and zinc... it could increase your resistance... and may delay skin cancer... as well as sun exposure MINIMAL... approx 30- hr1 in the morning... avoid stress
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hi there it is only a GP.
Skin specialist awaiting
Do you know what skin cancer looks like.
Thank you
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good to hear that it a GP... a dermatologist or oncologist could  diagnose if its a cancer.. skin cancer in medical term is called melanomas or carcinomas... if there a melanoma or a small size like a mole that is unmobile and has irregular edges... it could be a cancer

the only way to detect cancer.. is diagnostic test such as biospy and other diagnostic procedure... with out undergoing test... its quite difficult to say it really a cancer...

also if it metastasize (it spreads).. its a sign of cancer also...

here, this a good website... which really is true in saying about skin cancer...
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The only condition that could mean would be a borderland condition called parasoriasis however the obvious diagosis would be an eczema.
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These are not the symptoms of malignancy or cancer skin.In my opinion,psoriasis could be one of the possibilities. Other differentials include eczema and icthyosis.I would suggest a dermatologist’s consultation and a biopsy of the skin as treatment is different for all.

Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional doubts.Kind regards.

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Hi there,

Thanks for all your help. Just got back from Holiday home, so reply is late.
I will take on board your information and let my friend know.
Thank you also for different skin problem suggestions.

Kind regards
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