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skin nightmare

so to start at the beginning. about 6 months ago i had my first encounter with scabies, after that treatment about a month later i found out i was reinfected, this then happened again. finally after the third treatment i felt fine and nothing seemed to be a problem apart from some infected bites on my buttocks which i was prescribed to courses of anti biotics for. but for the past couple of weeks ive been finding flesh coloured bumps on my hands and feet, when my body gets too hot a red bumps appear on my stomach (maybe just a heat rash but its still good mention) and ive started being ridiculously itchy again, and also red spots on my penis (but these only last a day or 2 and only appear one at a time, whereas when i had scabies they appeared in groups and were alot bigger than these ones which remain small).

so after multiple trips of paranoia to my doctor they told me that it is just dermatitis but they cant tell me which type it is and the steroid cream (betnovate) and emmolient (diprobase) dont seem to be helping. my doctor suggested over the counter anti-histamines but something in my body, maybe my mega high metabolism, makes my body get used to tablets really fast so they stop having an effect on me.

i am going crazy with these flesh coloured spots, i dont think its dermatits because wherever ive looked on the internet about dermatitis has never mentioned all the symptoms i have, the flesh coloured bumps arent a huge amount they appear and go in a few days. its the intense itching and penis spots that worry me. my partner has also found flesh coloured bumps on his hands now aswell and ive never seen anything on the internet searches ive done about dermatitis being contagious. but my doctor is adament about it being dermatitis and not scabies. my doctor said this is an after effect of scabies but i dont understand why it would show up a month and a half after i was treated.

please can somebody help me? im going insane. my doctor even wants me to go see a psychiatrist about it because i go see my doctor at least once a week worrying about it and being paranoid! PLEASE HELP ME
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Sometimes even after the mite is dead it  can elicit a delayed hypersensitivity reaction, lasting for a month or more.
Ping-pong infection of scabies can occur if partner treatment is not done.
Faulty application and not proper treatment of fomites
(clothing, towels etc) also can lead to reinfection.
Best wishes.
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It looks like reinfection with scabies. There is a rule that all family members of the patient of scabies also need to be treated even if they do not have any itching or rashes. Hence please ensure that all your family members also get the topical treatment. If the itching persists even after treatment completion then oral antihistaminics can be taken because itching of scabies takes some days to settle down.

It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.

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