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skin rash

im 27years old.I have a fair complexion and behind my neck where hair covers is dark.and have got a rash in that area.its not red,itchy.but it looks flaky.after bathing when I wipe thoroughly with the towel in that area dry pieces comes out.the rash looks very dry.that area is ugly like an old persons .went to a dermotologist and he treated as fungles with creams.but it didnt go away.when i bath its not visible.after bathing when i wipe skin pieces comes.Im worried and scared about it.normally we get warm water in the shower.sometimes during day time its hot.is it becoz of that?or i gained weight passd one year.so neck has become little fat.is it the reason for my neck to become dark?
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The appearance of skin patches that are darker that the surrounding skin color is usually caused by natural body processes, and sometimes by external causes. The term for this skin darkening is epidermal hyperpigmentation. Epidermal refers to the upper layer of the skin. Hyperpigmentation means excess color.
Obesity as well as exposure to sunlight can cause as well as aggravate hyper-pigmentation. Also certain areas of skin darkening is partly due to your genetic make-up.The flaking skin is due to the dryness of the skin in the area.
The active ingredient in skin lightening products is called hydoquinone. The maximum prescription strength is 4% hydroquinone, which contains twice the amount of active ingredient as over-the-counter bleaches.
Some hydroquinone products contain sunscreens or sunblock, so you don’t have to bother with applying a separate sun protection product.
Hydroquinone may also be combined with glycolic acid for its skin moisturizing benefits.
ref: http://www.cheyenneskinclinic.com/Pigmentation_Disorders.htm
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