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skin rash

im a 17 year old male. about 5 days ago i noticed 2 small red splotches on my stomach adjacent from eachother. they started quite small (about an inch and a half). i didnt think much of it untill it started spreading very quickly. now a good portion of my stomach is covered and a portion of my upper leg became covered by it. it doesnt feel itchy or anything but it really has me concerned by the rate it is spreading. it is very very slightly raised. it is a pinkish red color. can someone please help me out here? thanks
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i also noticed that the area on my leg has bruising in it. now im starting to really worry. someone please help asap!
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I suggest that you have an immediate consult with your pediatrician. Infectious disease processes have to be ruled out here. Viral and bacterial infections may present with a rash. Bleeding disorders may present with similar symptoms. Thus, a complete evaluation is very much necessary here. A complete blood count with platelet count, peripheral blood smear, PT, aPTT and INR may be determined. A urinalysis may be taken to rule out underlying involvement of the urinary tract.

Was this associated with flulike symptoms, sore throat, abdominal pain, insect bites or fever?

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