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small bumps under eyes

hi, I am 36 y/o. I have notice just this past year that i am getting small lumps under my eyes. I dont want to call them bumps because they are not very rounded and dont come to a head or anything. they dont hurt, itch, excrete, etc... I tried to POP one and nothing came out and it is still there. i looked at pics of milla and it doesnt look the same. i have been using strydex on them every other day lately just to try to get ridof them and havent really noticed any difference. they are just annoying to look at in the mirror. any help on what this might be or how to treat it would be great . thank you
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Have same thing, virtually skin color extremely small pen head size. Being a guy I tried to scratch it off, scabbed healed and guess what was still there. I searched for 'milla' on google image and came up empty maybe spelling is wrong?
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sorry for the double post but just browsing random previous topics and sounds like it may be, syringomas
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bingo, mine look like the small ones... i think im going to talk to my doc about the microderm abrasion...however, before spending all that moiney i might try light MDA myself with otc products. thanks for the info, i have been lookin a while as well. good luck
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Back in the day I worked at a cosmetic counter.  This was a very common complaint.  These "bumps" take a while to get rid of.  The cause is often times over-moisturizing the sensitive eye-area skin or using facial moisturizer around the eye area.  The eye area (skin) is very delicate and should be treated with more care than the remaining facial skin.  I see these bumps appearing from time to time and I use a lighter eye moisturizer.  They eventually clear up.  Be careful to not further abuse the area with harsh treatments.
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How would you describe these bumps?

Are they skin colored, reddish , bluish or yellowish?

Differentials will be a xanthelasma or syringoma. Xanthelasmas are yellowish and are associated with fat deposits. They also involve the eye lids but may be far prominent and noticeable than syringomas. Syringomas are skin colored and may be very small. They are usually found on the eyelids and are actually benign lesions .

If this is syringoma there is really no definite form of treatment .Laser excision therapy and electrocautery have been the procedures of choice for this type of skin condition.
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