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son at college/rash

Pls help.  Our son is 18..a college freshman at a unversity with a large argicultural department and associated livestock.
Three weeks ago, he had a bad bike fall and scrapes to arms and legs.  He used neosporin, etc and large bandages.  Approx ten days after this, he had a slight case of athletes feet which he treated and it got better.  He noticed in this same timeframe, what he described as very itchy "bites" like mosquito on legs  and the second third day these spread to his arms.  More appeared (dozens) and then a rash on the arms esp. upper arms in back which looks like ringworm or some fungus.  There is no rash or "bites" on torso or head/face.   Limited to arms and legs (not feet or hands).  He is not ill..i.e. no temp etc.  He does do kickboxing and works up a sweat in fencing.  He has not been in a hottub etc.   There is a lot of poison oak next to his dorm...but after visiting the health center6 days ago, they ruled that out and feel it is "folliculitis" and prescribed cephalaxin and bacterial wash and some anti inflamatory like steroid med prednisone..(both oral).

We drove to see him and the rash now on his thighs is so read and large like spots 3" in diameter almost all meeting together and extremely itchy and is keeping him up at nite.  
Question is: could his bick scrapes (bloody and bad on knees legs and arms)..about two weeks or less before this have started some infection or entry point for fungus or things from animal dirt or gravel on the ground?    this sounds more like a fungus infection and now we are worried he is getting the wrong treatment as after six days there is no improvement.  
What do you think?  It is hard, we are far away and he although not sick, feels terrible about this and it looks bad and I am worried about something wierd going systemic...Again, both arms, and legs esp. bad above knees thigh area and back of arms above elbow...lower leg looks more like wierd bites..
Many  The health center says to wait another week and then maybe see a dermo..three regular health center docs looked with magnifying glass but....it is no better at all. thanks
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Hard to tell, but I think your son probably has a form of eczema that has nothing to do with the scrape or any fungus and is not an infection at all.  This is best treated with a prescription-strength steroid, so I urge him to see a dermatologist as soon as practical for diagnosis and treatment.


Dr. Rockoff
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