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sore in mouth won't heal

Hi, I have been having two (one cm in size) sores on the side of my tongue for ten months, the sore spots are sensitive to hot, cold and spicy food, my family doctor told me it's not cankers, it might be pre- cancer sores. please advise, thanks
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There may be many possible reasons for this. Stomatitis, apthous ulcers, mucocele, vitamin deficiencies, or ulcers due to sharp teeth.

This may also be due to pre cancerous lesions. Do you smoke or use any other tobacco products?

I think based on the location, suspicion and duration of the lesion, it is best that this is examined asap by a medical doctor who can then take a biopsy sample, if required to find out the cause of the lesion.

Please visit your doctor and keep us posted on this
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hi i am so stressed out because my mother has canker sores in her mouth, on her lips and on her tongue,every time one seems to get better another will grow. and this keep on happening for over a year now. and all the doctor did was give her antibiotic that doesnt seem to work. i kow she is in alot of pain but i dont know what i can do to make it better please if anyone know what this could be please respond thank you
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Hi, I'm not a dr. but an old school cure that my mom showed me always worked and fast.
It involves using campho phenique, which is for external use only so it's up to you but what I did was wick away the saliva with one end of a q-tip and get the sore really dry...then with the other end of q tip dipped in campho phenique I would apply it directly to canker sore and hold it there for about a minute. I tried to keep the medicine on as long as possible. It seemed I would start salivating a lot but anyway, it always worked and the sore was gone within 2 days every time. I would do it several times a day.

Whats really wierd is I quit eating and drinking citrus fruits/juices and I've not had a canker sore now for about 15 years.
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