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spider bite leads to knot full of ingrown hair on top of my foot??

Has anyone heard of anything similar? I was bitten by a tiny 'juicy' spider (as opposed to a crunchy spider) Over the next couple of days it itched, then a very hard knot about the size of a pencil eraser came up, I had a biopsy and it came back indeterminable. . . . Never hurt, never itched again until 3 years later - itched slightly for a few days, then it started getting taller, I pinched it and pulled a 1/2" long tube out of the top of my foot that was full of black looking hair - I do not have black hair. It never bled, never hurt, no discharge, so I didn't think that much more about it - just thought it was odd. NOW another year later I have a little black hair growing out between my toes in just below the spot.??? Anyone heard of anything like this?
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Dermoid cysts carry hair and other remnants.That is my diagnosis too.
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Thanks jagesh50, I appreciate your input.  I followed your suggesting for additional reading.  The symptoms do seem the same.  

The only thing that would appear to be different than the info I found is that the surface of this knot/lump was above the normal skin around it. Almost as if someone had stuck something down in to my foot, but left some of it protruding out of the top of my foot near my toes.  All of the skin around it seemed undisturbed and felt normal, but this knot was extremely hard and felt rough.
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Still I believe it is right,possibly trauma induced.
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Hi jagesh50, you are awesome for answering my questions and so many others.  I really appreciate your time and sharing of your knowledge.

You have my thanks and gratitude
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So kind of you.
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