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spot on my scrotum

Hi Doctor...

I have a spot on my scrotum that I am concerned about. This spot is on my scrotum about an 1/2 inch away from the shaft of my penis and is about the size of an erasure head. In this area, tiny blisters, better described as tiny, clear sweat bumps, have shown up in the same general area (just off the penis) 4 times now in the past 6 months. They are not painful but they do lightly scab over and take up to a week or two to go away. As nearly as I can recall, they have shown up a few days after masterbation using a petroleum jelly. I have used petrolueum jelly for a long time for this purpose but nothing like this has happened before. I did get an off-brand kind since this has occured.  

The second time they showed up, I was concerned so I went to my doctor. I am married and have never been unfaithful with my wife and, as nearly as I know, she has never been unfaithful to me. This man has been our doctor for years and knows us well so I was very open with him in possible causes of whatever this could be stemming from. He checked it out and, by the looks of it, he thought it might just be an irritated spot but he ordered a herpes test just to put my mind at ease. The test came back negative and he told me to be a little more gentle with whatever I could be doing to cause the irritation.

To add to your thought process, I have psoriasis on my knees and elbows and a bad case of either psoriasis or eczema on my fingers that cracks them, causes them to bleed and is very painful. My dermatologists (five so far) have not been able to adequately assist me in prescribing anything that will help me clear the problem I have with my fingers. Lidex, dovonex, timovate, etc. do nothing to heal this. Whatever it is comes and goes as well.

I am 34 years old, very happily married, as mentioned above I have never cheated on my wife in our 8 years of marriage, I believe she has never cheated on me either, we don't have A LOT of sex due to her premenopausal estrogen imbalance (hence the masterbation if you get my drift) but we do have some.

So, doctor, I am confused. I'd like your help. Please let me know what you think and thanks in advance.

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Herpes is possible, given the recurrence, but not very likely.  If your doctor cultured the spot while it was fresh, that's definitive enough for me.  If it was dried up at the time, you might want to have a dermatologist see the lesion and perhaps culture it when it's new and blsitery, if you can arrange it.

All in all, irritation is still the most likely cause, not an STD.  Vaseline or OTC hydrocortisone should be sufficient to heal the spot when it comes.  It's even possible you have a touch of psoriasis on the scrotum, but treatment would be the same as for irritation.


Dr. Rockoff
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