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started off as rash in pubic hair region right by penis

In June or July i developed a samll sized rashed the size of a half dime. it itched and i would scratch it and then it started getting bigger, i bought some hydrocortizone cream and it did not go away so i went to see one of the docs on Base. He told me it was just a skin irratation and not to worry. Roughly 10 days pass by and its still there so i go back to the base hospital and get them to run STD test, they did 2 differnt urine types and the paiful swab, everything came back negitive. He told me there is nothing he can give me to make it go away and it will go away on its own, it eventually did and 3 weeks later it came back in the exact same spot, the exact same size, same feelings, so i go back up there for that and to get treatment for the acne on my back, also this time whe it came back it was starting to raise up of the skin. he said he thinks its follicitis, and gave me doxycycline for my acne and said that it will also get rid of that down there, with in a 2 week period it went away and then with in a month another small red rash same everything came but was only there for bout 2 days, then went away, with in a month later i get deployed  to the desert where i am now and wake up and see the same thing, it started to swell and rise of my skin where i could see 5 i guess hair pores/ bumps expanding, the yeventually formed 5 full yellow blisters, i could easly tell they were not pimples but blisters, bout the size of half of a dime, all the blisters begain to touch not form one big blister but touch, at that time i was convinced that i had herpies and did not touch none of it, the blister started going away, not from bursting but slowly deflaiting, then looked like 5 small craters, the nwhen the skin from the blisters fell off from normal washing and walking it left that area where the 5 blisters were as one big hole, like layers of skin are missing, will not form a scab, just like an open wound, feels like when you were a kid and skinned your knee that left big scab on it and everytime you bend yourknee it hurts real bad because it craks your scab, when the rash 1st came when i got here, i went an got seen, samething, said just skin irratation, then the blisters formed and i went back 3 days later, he said he thinks its follicitis, its right at the base of my penis where if i had an erection it would be at the bottom of my penis and while soft it is not on the penis. i'm real worried because i have a child on the way, and dont know anything about medical anything, dont want my baby boy coming out with somthing that i gave him.

y wont this go away? what is it? why is it coming in the exact same spot everytime and no where else? is it herpies? also when it formed blisters if i messed with the area around them would get real red and start to raise then i will stop and duke it out. it dont itch anymore, just hurts like hell, almost a constant scab cracking pain, even when i am not moving.
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I don't think that what you describe sounds like herpes.  As much as I can make out, you have intermittent irritation that you're aggravating by scratching.  If you are in fact getting "yellow blisters," these need to be seen when they're fresh, and cultured for bacteria and viruses.  So what you need to do is never (never!) rub or scratch the area, so as not to confused matters, and show the doctor.  If they keep saying it isn't an STD, you should believe them.  Irritations come and go in the groin, because the skin is sensitive, so the recurrence isn't necessarily meaningful.  Meantime, apply bacitracin or neosporin ointment to soften the scabs and ease your discomfort.


Dr. Rockoff
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thank you very much, it kinda calms me down. They took me off base here to some docotr where i could not understand anything he was saying. All he kept saying was " Yes, yes , o yes, By the time they got me off base it had finally started to scab and they could not do a swab culture on it, but they did take my blood to check for herpies. Since then i have noticed that there are more right next to the first area, like i wrote before it was kinda in that crease so if i am standing up they wernt touching nothing but when i sit down it folds up and touches the area where now there a small blisters forming just like the first time. About what you said about listen to the docotrs, well its been my experiance in the military that they do not really care about the patiance and are wrong a lot, its like they really dont care. i baught some ointment, well the closest thing to neosporin and am using that. becasue it is coming in the area right next to the first spot does that mean that if i touch that any where on my body it will form the samething? they said i should get the results back in a week.
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I have the same thing. About 4 small red bumps aroung hte middle of my penis. They are very itchy, but once i take a shower it stops itching. I shaved my pubic hair about a week and a hlaf ago. Could they just be from shaving. How what should i do to get them down becuase they are very noticeable and very uncomfortable.
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i had unprotected short time sex with a girl that i never met before untill last night. Not thinking clearl i called her the next day and asked if she was clean and she said she was. However i have a small type blister right next to the hole on the tip of my penis and dont know if its a symptom of an STD or if its just from unlubricated sexual intercourse. i havnt been able to sleep the last couple of nights any suggestions on whatitcould be?
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