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strange penile symptoms????????????????

Please read my post and help me i would appreciate greatly!! I am circumsised 23 yr old male and had unprotected sex with a 37 yr old woman and 1-2 days later developed 2 very small bumps flesh colored with a black line through them, also i had 4 red slightly inflamed dots on the underside of the head 2 on either side of ureathra,and i had a burning sensation that was very uncomfortable and lasted for 2-3 weeks freaked out I got full std panel done @1-3-5-7-10 weeks exposure with no other sexual contact GP looked at it and said it didnt look like any std, the black dots went away 2 weeks after and have not returned, the red dots are still there and look the same, at around 4-5 weeks i noticed the head of my tool looks very strange not like a full blown std that you would defanitley say THATS HERPES or whatever, the glans is inflammed a bit and there is red/purple spots on the glans that DO NOT look normal as they were NEVER there before the contact, also the rest of the head of my penis has a strange texture to it and it looks dull and sorta waxy like the skin is loose gp says its nothing but I DEFANITLEY think its something and worried I am infectious and just want it cleared up, tested neg for herpes and syphalis and clamidia gonnerea... have some groin and leg pain still up to day 90... I also had a white runny discharge after i peed once around the 5 week mark, still urinalysis std check swabs bloodwork everything comes back negative....please help anyone who has had the same experience or knows of something the doc didnt test for because there is no open sores... my best geuss at this point is balinitis or yeast infection.. possibly trichomonias.... have no idea if the blood test urinalysis covers all this stuff at the 10 week mark my tool looked totally normal before picking up this random girl.., this is the reason i posted in this forum. please help... anybody.. thanks
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