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sudden rash entire body

I woke up this morning with a pinkish-red rash on my whole body. My arms, stomach, lower back, thighs, hips....
Its itches a little on places like the inside of my elbow and where my bra is rubbing under my arm pit.... but generally it doesnt itch. In some spots it looks like red pin dots but also blotchy.....

Any ideas?
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This seems to be an allergic reaction, manifesting as rash.The pathological reaction that takes place on your skin due to foreign particles is considered as allergy rash.

Usually this type of rash appears suddenly and is quite itchy. This allergy rash can be identified with these characteristics:
-Ugly reddish patches on the skin with itchiness and redness.
-Scaly rough patches on the skin due to over growth of bacteria and fungal infections.
-Itchy and swollen red bumps or patches all over the body.

This kind of skin inflammation with swollen red itchy patches all over the body is the most common form of allergy rash. The most common causes are certain foods like berries, shellfish, fish, nuts, eggs, milk, and others, medications, cosmetics, metals like nickel, emotional stress, exposure to water, sunlight, cold or heat, insect bites and

Usually, skin rashes are not harmful and last only for few days. However, some of the rashes subside gradually without any medications, but few allergy rashes require treatment in the form of anti-histamines like Cetrizine.
Apply anti-itching cream in order to soothe the irritated skin like Calamine lotion.


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Thank you! I thought that it could be an allergic reaction.... but I didnt eat anything out of the ordinary yesterday..... chicken salad at a resturant for lunch and beef stir fry with veggies for dinner at home.... I changed soap Monday (earlier this week).

And like I said it really doesnt itch.

Its looks like my arms, back stomach, etc are pinkish red with white dots/blotches....

Do you still think this could be an allergic reaction????
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