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sun rash

Hi Dr.  Is it possible to develop an allergic type of rash after being in the sun?  A couple of days after being in the sun I developed a very itchy rash on my stomach and upper chest. I began to itch in the middle of the night and in the morning woke up with a very red rash.  I had a bikini top and shorts on.  The rash also spread a bit to my thigh.  I believe that is was an allergic rash since I had a similar one before after wearing a NEW shirt before it was laundered.  I have NEVER really had a problem with the sun until after the birth of my third child and it seems my skin is VERY sensitive to lots fo things now.  But this was the first time I have had such a reaction to the sun before.  I took some benedryl and put some otc cortisone cream on it and it is starting to go away.  Any Ideas as to why this is happening and if it is truly a sun reaction?  Thnanks for your time...I know you are busy!!
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It is certainly possible to develop an allergy or sensitivity to the sun, even if it never happened before, and even if you use sunblock (since the rays which cause allergy are often not blocked by sunscreens.

I can't be sure, however, from your description whether that is what you have.  If it happens over and over, that would be better evidence.  What else could it be?  Hard to say, since people sometimes develop various rashes which come, itch, and go, and we never do find out why.

Next time you'll be exposed, try using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with UVA protection (see the label) --  that may help.

Good luck.

Dr. R
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I also get this rash, It comes after I have been in the sun. It started about 3 years ago. After sun exposure, usually the next day, I get an itchy rash. They are little red bumps and they form where ever I have been exposed to the sun. I have been to the doctor and they usually give me some cream and pills for the itching. My question, is there anyway of preventing this from occuring? Until 3 years ago, I could go in the sun without a problem. Why is this happening now?
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My sun is getting a red, itchy, and bumpy rash every time he goes in the sun.  If I put sunscreen on him it's not very bad. He has an appointment next week with a doctor.  Can you really be allergic to the sun? He is almost 10 and has never had this problem in previous years. What is causing people to be so sun sensitive?
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I personally believe it is a vast right-wing conspiracy. But they may just have sensitive skin.
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This the question I was going to ask about. Three days ago I went outside to tan for the first time in years. I burnt pretty bad, now I have a red bump rash on my arms and legs(where I burnt). I'm glad to know I'm not the only one.
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It is so good to hear that other people have this problem. Not that I am glad you have it but I am not aloe. For the past 3 years  when I am in the sun I develope these red itchy welps. A friend of mine had Lupus and she did the same thing. I have been scared to death.. Thank you Linda
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I developed an itchy rash on my forearm after being in the sun. My doctor asked me to do tests for Lupus. Is it possible to get small/really tiny round bumps that itch and have lupus.

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This summer I began to develop the same sun rash.  A doctor diagnosed it as being an allergic reaction to a virus. My question is, will I always have this terrible reaction?  I had three rashes before I began to figure this thing out.  Could it be sunscreen?  Out of curiosity, what sunscreens have others been using?  I was using hawaiian tropic dark tanning lotion with spf 4!  Someone help!
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I'Ve been have this rach since i had my daughter, it's so bad, i never had any problem with the sun before.
it's there any medication to make this go away?
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