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tattoo rash

I got a tattoo 20 days ago and i have been putting on that A&D oniment. Four days ago i noticed red bumps around my tattoo. Now some of the bumps are gone but where the bumps were my skin is all red. What can i do to get rid of the redness and the bumps?
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This could be a skin inflammation caused by the dye or the procedure itself.
Contact dermatitis is the name for any skin inflammation that occurs when the skin's surface comes in contact with a substance originating outside the body.
The symptoms can take many forms: redness, itching, crusting, swelling, blistering, oozing, dryness, scaliness, thickening of the skin, and a feeling of warmth at the site of contact.
You can take OTC anti-histamines for a week and apply soothing lotions like calamine or eucalyptus oil on the area till it subsides.
Contact dermatitis that leads to a bacterial skin infection is treated with antibiotics.
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I get this reaction with red ink only. So i let it dry out...bite somthin to avoid th temptation of scratchin. Sometimes I get th same reaction with purple ink too. In th past only th purple would welp up & itch extremely bad. Now its with red. So tat lovers try to avoid th color that's causing th irritation. :( SUX.  But we r inking our bodies with all these colors that were not meant. I've got over 35 tats & will continue... This is also one good reason to try & use same tat guy! I would recommend seeing a dermotolist (spelled wrong?). Mine didn't like to c th tats. But there's a remedy ....u jus hv to pay th price.
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