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tick bites and after effect

i was bit by a tick 2 months ago the spot is still itching now after all this time i am noticing little pimples on my legs and arms that after appearing 2 days or so they turn into little rings around only not big 1 cm and not blisters like a ring worm but dotts of blood surface around the pin dot pimple
i am only now concerned because of the tick could it be related
thank you
B duke
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My opinion, after being infected with Lyme Disease and recently have an ECM from a tick bite.  It is hard to find a doctor that knows the symptoms of Borellea bergdorfii, but it is very serious.  Look for Lyme Forums on this site and look for online information in a hurry.  Again, this is just my opinion.  

More...I "believe", but I am not a doctor (a disclaimer), you have early stage Lyme and the sooner you get antibiotics the better.  I could not walk for a year after a year of not knowing what I had.  Literature and my opinion states that ANYTIME you have an ECM you have a Borellea infection!  The "tests" are NOT accurate, there are MANY false negatives!!!  I cured myself after ten years of the antibiotics...long, long story.  

The best to you.  

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How are you? Are there other signs or symptoms present? Some of the diseases you can get from a tick bite are Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and tularemia. Tick-borne disease may first present with flu symptoms, such as a fever, chills and body aches. You may also have a rash. Most tick-borne diseases can be treated with antibiotics. It would be best to have this evaluated by your doctor for proper management. This link may be helpful:

Take care and keep us posted.
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I am now continuing my 3 doxy, 100 mg/day for the ECM.  I found this terrific summary by Burrascano of Lyme disease:


In my opinion, EVERYONE with exposure or with "possible" lyme would greatly benefit by reading this summary carefully.  

Thank you for the site reference.  Very beneficial.  I will look it over in detail.  
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