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tiny white balls under skin on hands

Ok ive had this problum since i wuz a preteen. im now 29.

i would really like to know what these things are.

There just very small white balls just under the skin on my hands usualy showing up in clusters of 3-4 some times as many as 10-15 usualy range in size from REALLY small to the head of a needle big.. ive been plucking them outta my hands with a needle as far back as i can rember but they some how keep showing back up usualy showing up again under an area that is now scar'd but before they used to show up anywhere on my hands.
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Pompholyx is the condition.Nickel allergy,fungus elsewhere,or excessive sweating predispose.Nothing to worry.
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Thanks for the responce.. i googled images of that Pompholyx But thats not what mine look like @ all.. the skin isent raised over the area where the tiny white orb lik balls show up. and there not clusterd like that.. when i said clusterd i ment the balls are in 1 spot on the top of my hand but theres like 10-15 of them in 1 spot not like a cluster all over my hands.
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These white balls can be due to infection of the hair follicles or filling of the keratin plugs thus causing white balls.Exfoliate with a mild scrub and then apply Neosporin ointment or Calamine lotion on the hands.If the symptoms persist then pls consult a dermatologist.

Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional doubts.Kind regards.

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If the symptoms persist then pls consult a dermatologist   .... Tried all that for the last 20 years and nothing has helped.. and if i could afford a DR visit i woulda gone ALONG time ago... there not causing ne harm that im aware of .. they dont itch or bother me any.. i just dont like looking down and seing them.. ne way.. someday i guess i'll see a dr. till then here i am :D
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I have 5 of these small hard balls under the top layer of
of skin and only on my right hand, they are like a small BB and move about under the skin.  These are not hair follicle issues.  In the past year they have doubled in size and one has travel up my ring finger and is aggravating the top joint of the finger.  My PCP has no idea what they are, I am going to use 2% lidocaine to numb a small area and use a surgical knife to remove them through a tiny opening since they are mobile.  I will put them in a sterile container and let the PCP figure out what they are.
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