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tiny white bumps

what are tiny white bumps on upper lip none painful comes and goes?

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These bumps may be oil or sebaceous glands on the skin. They are also called as whiteheads when they occur at the base of a hair follicle. They may also be due to hyperactivity of oil or sweat glands of your skin. Sometimes, they are caused due to trauma such as shaving.

They be benign and need no intervention. If you are worried then you may contact your doctor regarding this.

Let us know if you may have other queries.

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I get tiny white bumps on the lip itself.  For example, I woke up today & found numerous white bumps on my lip that don't necessarily hurt but I can feel when I rub my lips together, as one does when applying lip balm.  I started having these a few months ago; I'm not scared that they're herpes sores because they don't erupt of scab over - they just come and go.  I think it's an unsightly issue, for me at least, and I want to know what can be done to reduce them.

Side note:  I have smoked cigarettes for 5 years now but just recently did these bumps start to form (around a period of time where my dental & physical hygiene was at an all-time low.)
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I have tiny white bumps that have appeared on both the left and right side of my top lip and skin coloured on the corners of mouth. Occassionally the lip where the white dots are will burn & tingle.
They appeared around 4 weeks ago when I had a bad case of oral thrush The oral thrush was treated and has cleared but the white dots have stayed. I have been tested for hpv-1 (oral herpes) and tests have come back negative.
My Dr. says it is nothing infectious but I still refrain from kissing my partner, just incase.
On thinking about this over and over. I have recently started to bleach the hairs on my upper lip. I would say I have bleached the upper lip 4-5 times and never had these dots, until the last time I bleached about 4 weeks ago.
Because they only appear on the top lip, could it have something to do with the bleaching of the hairs on my upper lip?
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i keep seeing these same issues and i have it too, but top right and left lip as in where my lip touches a glass and on the bottom lip, a few dead center tward the edge and a little on the sides under the top ones. i wonder if all these people drink as much coca-cola as i do? could it be like a caffine thing or simply related to the type of soap we clean our dishware with? my girl says she thinks its dawn with moisturizer. we hand wash our dishes.
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I had just a few of these white spots for about a year on my upper lip but they were soo small i ignored them and no one could ever see them but recently about 2 months now they have sprout all over my upper lip and some at the edge of the bottom one. From a couple feet away my upper lip looks very rough and wrinkly but when you get a  lot closer or ever stretch the lip you can see small white spots that look like very small pimples but solid. The bottom one is more noticeable and slightly bigger white spots visible from a few feet away. From time to time ill get a burning sensation, itching and tingling. At the beginning of this sprouting i had a couple of sours which i applied abreva to and went away but that's when the spots started to multiply. I went to the doctor 3 times now. First time they told me it might be from eating to much acidic foods so i tried staying away from them but didn't help. Second time a doctor at a public health center he thought i was having an allergic reaction to something so he gave me allergy medicine and a cream for my lips called Hydrocortisone Acetate Hyderm 1% but it didn't do anything. Last time i went to the same guy he told me it might be cuz of a valve problem in my stomach and that i was having a reaction from digestive acid probably from eating right before sleeping to often or from eating to much at once. Also he gave me a stronger cream called Betamethasone Valerate Betaderm 0.1 % and prescription pills for my stomach called Ran-Rabeprazole to lessen the production of acid in my stomach. Ive been using it for 4 days now and no chance so far. Does anyone know what this things are, how they got there and how to get rid of them? Is hard to have a close up conversation with someone when they are being distracted by your lips and probably thinking that you have herpes.  
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