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tiny white dots on my lips

Hi Dr. Rockoff,
I am wondering about this tiny white dots on the side or on the edge of my lips and there are also few in my upper lip, it is only visible if you have to stretch the lips (I recognized this tiny white dots since 3yrs ago, I didnt mind it tho but now I got curious and scared after knowing that when you do oral you can get STD and just few hrs ago my lips (only the sides) feels like a little chilly, like you are eating pepper, is this an STD or what we call herpes 1? I don't have cold sores in my mouth or in my lips just only this tiny white dots and I dont even feel pain from it or not even itchy. Here's my lips photo so you have an idea what it looks like. If this is an STD is there any chance that this tiny white dots on my lips will go away? which doctor should I see, dentist or dermatologist. I dont even have any sores on my genital area. And by the way, I had my HIV test and serologic test for syphilis last june 2006 and both are negative. I hope you will take a look of my pic posted... pls.


Appreciate your per return answer. Thank you.

P.S. i have first posted this question to Dr. HHH, he didnt take a look on my posted pic :( however he told me that you are willing to look at posted photos.
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Those are nice pictures of Fordyce's condition, a normal variant in which sebaceous (oil) glands are visible against the pink background of the lip.  These are not herpes or STD's.  Please see a doctor in person so you can get a proper diagnosis and forget about these dots, as they mean nothing.


Dr. Rockoff
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I would not worry too much. Do a search on this site for Fordyces condition. These are tiny little glands that form on the lips and sometimes inside the mouth. If you stretch your lips you can see them clearly. While you are waiting for the doctor to give you his answer, read what he has said previously about this condition and I think that will calm your fears abit. I am not a doctor, but I have seen him answer your type of questions several times. When I worried about these spots I went to my dentist and he told me about them. So do not worry. I am sure the Doctor will have good news for you.
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Thank you for your concerned.  Will look into it. I just worried bec before there were only few but now i observed they are multiplying.
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The more you look, the more you will see. I think it is pyschological. They might vary in appearance depending on random condition of the lips which depends on the weather, health, diet etc.......

I have EXACTLY the same white marks (fordyce granules) as in your photos.
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I also share the same white dots on my lips . They`ve always been a concern as well . I would like to thank all here for the info provided here .
However , occasionally , I get breakouts and what appears to be largers white spots on my lips . there seems to be swelling in the affected area . Best described as acne like blisters , small puss filled blister[s]They aren`t huge but lots larger than just little whit spots . After a few days , the swelling goes , the spots dry up and of course , the scabbing if there`s a break in the skin . Although very similar to a cold sore , it doesn`t have the redich/purple color . It seems to occur when I`m under stress , and recently , well , an hour ago , I learned that chocolat and nut can increase such events happening .
Any comments are certainly welcome and apprieciated
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I have the same thing as most of the other commenters..but mine seem to itch and burn a little and when I wake up they are really dry..its only my top lip and in the spots where the little white bumps are my lips appear swollen! I have heard fordyce condition but does it itch and burn and is dry in the morning..Your response would be greatly appreciated!
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My lips are extremely dry and scaly with little skin bumps that look sort of like razor bumps and they itch.  They aren't a color but ashy.
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