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to ashamed to leave the house without camoflage makeup. havent left house now for the last 4 years

hello,  its might seem a small thing but facial thread veins or telangiectasis has really ruined my life. im not being dramatic about it, its just im so ashamed of my face.  maybe a connection is both my parents being alcholics and i dont want people to assume that im the same. i dont even like drink.  but the question i wanted to ask you is about all these new laser treatments that are gonna "cure" the problem.  several years ago i went to a doctor, i live in belfast who used the ipl treatment (cooling gel and elastic band snap) and he told me that i would be left with white clear vein free skin, but i wasnt.  he took a before picture. after about 9 treatments and £1000.00 later no change to my face. he said i could have my before picture back (i assumed he'd bin it) so i took it. i think he was just in it for money, he was very blazy a bit of a bully and what a car!.  anyway im waffling and this is all wasting your time. so my question is should i try laser treatment again?. i so want to.  would another laser give better results?.   i have read sites where doctors regret buying a particular laser machine as the results where very poor for them.  so if doctors can get taken in im sure i can.   i also have scalp psoriasis which encroaches in small patches at the edges. would laser work or would i be allowed to have laser done with that condition?.  i get psoriasis because i dont leave the house and my diet can be very unhealthy. i can also do a diet that clears the psoriasis and would it be wise to have no psoriasis before trying laser again. i would really appreciate any help you can give me. i drink 2 litres of water a day, take every supplement and tinture thats supposed to help the problem. is there any data anywhere on a websitewhich i could find out up to date information that rates the success or not of different laser machines. or any chat rooms on the condition that would offer their experience that i havent found. id travel any where, dont care if it hurts and will pay whatever it costs. i apologise for going on as from reading your website you help people a lot worse of than me, but i do any treatment (experimental) to get out and try and live a productive life. thank you for listening to me and i am very grateful first that i found your site and any help your able to give me.
kind regards,
jacqui bradley
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Dont apologise we are happy to hear from you and give you any input and pearls of Wisdom we may have,your post was very informative and interesting, Skin disorders are a pain literaly to deal with arent they,especially psoriasis,are you sure your face ruins your life ,perhaps the person inside is what people really like , however I understand we all want to look our best, I think you should do your diet first then the Laser treatment,as you have a clear run at it then, does the diet work well I have heard of diets but not found out the out come. Keep in touch with us.
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