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Hello im a 22yr old female with nodularcystic acne

I have tried everything I can think of. Over the counter meds w salycic acid/benzol peroxide/tea tree oil/creams/toner/washes/masks/zeno. I have been to a doctor and tried several different things including antibiotics and bcp.Everything I have from the doctors office I had a bad reaction to skin got extremely painful, flaking, dry, and still had acne. I have very senitive skin. Nothing seems to work. And as I get older it seems to get worse and occur in more and more areas of my body. Including face,neck, chest, shoulders, back,breasts (including arolar area), pelvic area. And legs but that maybe just ingrown hairs. The last time I went to the doctor they wanted me to start acutane but its really scary if u read about it. Although I'm not sexually active the side affects still scare me because I do ultrasounds for a living and the thought of taking a chance with something like that is unthinkable to me. I also have heard of alot of people having problems and bad reactions to it, Do you have any ideas of how I can treat my acne?
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Yes, Accutane.  Accutane patients mostly get dry lips.  The rest of the side-effects are either rare or easily manageable.  Of course, I can't say for sure whether you should take this drug, but since your case is so severe and chronic, you ought to give it serious consideration.  In many cases being relieved of severe acne has changed patients' lives.


Dr. Rockoff
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