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unhealing sores

Over the last ten months I have been treated by several doctors/dentists initially for a skin blemish below my lower lip that wouldn't heal (a culture and sensitivity was done which only indicated normal skin bacteria, no mrsa), an oral ulcer that would not heal and a painful tooth which felt like I had an abscess. The tooth involved had previously had a root canal on it 1 1/2 years prior. Xray's were taken of the area by my dentist, including a panorama of the jaw and no problems were detected. I then went to an oral surgeon for a biopsy of the ulcer which came back as a granulation & fibrous tissue ulcer possibly due to a traumatic injury, There was no evidence of cancer. A culture and sensitivity was also done that only indicated normal oral flora.  After a few weeks several more oral ulcers started to appear with small palpable bumps in the crease of my chin (not visible) which felt and sounded like crepitus when a small amount of pressure was applied. The chin area where I had the sensations was not painful only the areas where the ulcers were present.The lesion below my lower lip still persisted and was cultured again and only indicated normal skin bacteria, no mrsa. The oral surgeon prescribed a lidex mouthwash for me and sent me to see a specialist because he did not know why I was getting the ulcers and skin eruptions. After seeing the specialist(s) they were also unable to diagnose my condition and instructed me to continue with the lidex mouthwash and follow-up in six months. I was also given fluocinonide topical gel 0.05% to use on my chin lesion. I felt like I was on a "House MD" episode !! I continued using the lidex mouthwash and the topical fluocinonide the ulcers seemed to get a bit better but never completely healed.The lesion below the lip was healing on one side and spreading on the other. After about 2 1/2 weeks the tooth pain returned and was about 10 times worse. I went back to my dentist. An xray of the the tooth area was taken and showed a black circle around involved tooth and a bony growth from my jaw by the tooth. I was hastily sent back to the oral surgeon. The tooth was removed and was half eaten through! No wonder I was in pain !! The surgeon also cleaned and explored the gum area around extracted tooth and found no areas that concerned him.  He instructed me to continue with the lidex mouthwash and follow-up in 2 weeks. In a few more weeks of lidex treatment there was no improvement and an additional biopsy was done on another bump on my oral mucosa behind my lower lip. This biopsy revealed acute/chronic sialadenitis & sialadenosis. In between all of this I have been worked up by my PCP for a variety of conditions including autoimmune disorders. All of my lab testing has been negative except for a slightly elevated ANA.  I went back to the dermatologist because the lesion below my lip that started on my left side had migrated to the right side and was ulcerated. I was also developing an inflamed,red blistery area on my nose. I stopped using the floucininide gel because it was causing small black pieces of debris to ooze from the affected skin areas on my face. The skin on my nose and chin started to slough expelling small blistery clumps of debris. I can not even wash or let water hit my nose or the area below my lower lip as the skin is very tender and breaks apart. The dermatologist gave me an rx for bactoban which is not helping.
I still have a small ulcer/hard bump on my lower right gum below the tooth extraction site and a small ulcer/bump on the oral mucosa behind the skin lesion below the left side of my lower lip.
Along with all of the above, additional history and physical information is below:
1. I have been hypothyroid for 20 years. My recent (1 week ago) thyroid testing came back abnormal. My TSH, T4 and T3 were all off the scale of below normal. My synthroid was increased from 50 to 75mcg qd and my T3 was kept at 25mcg qd.
2. I suffer from depression and ADD. I am on Pristiq 150mg qd, and Aplenzin ER 522mg qd.  For my ADD I was taking Focalin XR 10mg qd.  My Psychiatrist stopped my Focalin 2 weeks ago. I have been on the above three medications for 7 years with no ill effects.
3. I am also fatigued and am getting dull fatigue type headaches daily.
4. I also had a CT of my sinuses 2 months ago which was normal.
5. 3 months ago I had an episode of gross hematuria without pain or burning. A culture and sensitivity was done on my urine which was negative. I was placed on cipro for 10 day anyway.
6. 7 months ago I had an episode of pain & bleeding from my right ear which woke me from my sleep. The pain went away fairly quick. Went I saw the doctor the following day there was a bit of dry blood in my ear but all else looked normal.
7, 6 months ago when traveling I had extreme pain in my right ear when descending, which I had never had before. While away  I had nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches and malaise which lasted for a week.
9. In 2007 I fell hitting my jaw beneath my chin on a cement wall. They did not do an xray. All my teeth were intact and none were loose. I did require about a dozen stitches to close the laceration. Also since I fell, over the past years I have had 4 root canal's in my lower teeth, where as my teeth previously had never given me any problems.
I can't think of anything else at present.
Any insight into my health issues would be greatly appreciated.
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