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unknown deep circular sores?

I had a sex partner in Aug. who had a deep round puncture looking infected wound on his thigh.He told me it was from a construction nail.I saw him later and it seemed he had another on his wrist area. About 2-3 months ago I discovered a red sore on the back of my upper thigh. Not having shaved my legs for some time I assumed it was an ingrown hair- upon closer inspection and the attempt to remove the scab I found it to be a perfectly round very deep hole of missing flesh. It took a long time to fully scab,heal over, and scar. The scar is aboutthe diameter of a cigarette-perfectly round.
Next there seemed to be an ingrown hair on my lower abdomen- I inspected. squeezed andwas rewarded with yet another, less deep, but perfectly round dark sore that turned to scar. I recently found a small pinkish white pimplelike bump on my upper thigh-not an ingrown hair-tender to the touch/pressure. It quickly reached the next stage and I now have a perfectly circular deep wound with all surrounding skin sensitive and red. The pattern seems to start with the small tender white bump that I think is a pimple-and try to squeeze but nothing comes out or is an ingrown hair but after picking into one there's no hair at all-then the deep sore loss of tissue and the end result of a dark brown perfect circle scar.
I've never experienced this before and it seems like there are a few of the starter white little bumps on both my upper legs. I really believe this was contagious and I contracted from unprotected sex with a casual partner who was most definitely lying to me about his wounds. Does this sound familiar? What should I do next?
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It does not sound to me like any sort of contagious disease.  I'm not sure what your partner had--it may have been at least in part from the kind of trauma he claimed--but your spots sound most like inflamed follicles that you are aggravating by picking and squeezing.  Needless to say, for definitive diagnosis, you need to see a doctor.  To make the diagnosis more certain, you should be sure to leave any lesions entirely alone before you go.

Take care.

Dr. Rockoff
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Latenightsurfer or Dr. Rockoff,

Have you had any luck finding the cause or obtaining a diagnosis for this condition?  I ask because I have experienced the same exact signs and symptoms:  a number of relatively painless, perfectly circular sores that take a long time to heal and leave circular--as Latenight said, "cigarette-sized," scars.  They originally appear to be simple pimples or ingrown hairs, and they form mostly on the distal portions of my limbs (forearms and calf areas) but occasionally appear on my chest or neck.  After about 2-3 days, they seem to ulcerate, leaving about a 2-mm deep hole in the skin which occasionally oozes.  The oozing stops after about 6 hrs and the sore scabs over.  If left untouched, the scab usually heals within 10-14 days.  I had originally attributed those sores to my travels to Iraq and Africa with the military; however, I am not so certain now.  I've seen two military dermatologists and one tropical disease specialist, and no one seems to come up with anything.  I've tried cycles of antibiotics and topical creams; however, nothing really works ... eventually the sores just heal on their own and go away (although the scarring is fairly noticeable).  Due to the lack of medical help, I've turned to the internet to search for similar cases around the world; this site seems to be the only match I've found.  The only additional piece of information I have noticed is that UV radiation from the sun or a tanning booth seems to cause the sores to heal more quickly.  Any thoughts or suggestions as to how I should proceed?  Thank you.
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I too have been going crazy for a few years with this same thing and have found no one till now going thru this, my dermatologist took a biopsy and said I had Lichen Simplex Chronicus which she says stems from allergies, basically coming out of my skin, creating sores which I in turn scratch which make healing harder, I was given an exspenive antibiotic tape which doesnt do anything, used steroid creams, everything and its embarrassing I look like a junkie.

Anyone want to take please email me ***@****
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Ditto..same problem here I believe. I first was afflicted with this problem last summer when I was doing some "trimming" prior to putting on a bathing suit.  I nicked myself, definitely not the first time for that, but it seemed to grow into a cyst that eventually seemed to break through the skin and created this raw little crater in my skin.  I finally tried Bactrin (?) (over the counter antibiotic) in liberal amounts which finally healed it but now 2 weeks after that one finally healed an new one has formed about 1 cm away from it.  Does anybody really know what causes this or how to get it to stop happening?    I was also wondering since I am borderline diabetic if this may be why these are not healing easily.
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What you guys are describing sound like it may be either eczema or dermatitis related. However the puss is uncharacteristic. Have either of you found a diagnosis?
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