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unusual moles

I am a 37yr. female. I have very fair skin, blue eyes, red hair. I have had numerous bad sunburns as a child and teenager.  There is skin cancer in my family as well.
I have always had some moles, and never had them checked.  Recently, I have noticed new moles on my back, and breast.  I noticed the ones on my back because the same area is always itchy and when I looked I noticed three moles in close proximity.  They all seem to have irregular borders and different color tones, mostly light brown with black growing down.  Most of my moles seem to be following this same pattern.  I think the one on my breast is normal because the shape is round, however there is a little black beginning to show up.  Also, as I was reading some previous posts I noticed someone mentioned black under the toenail.  Underneath my big toenail has been black for almost a year. The size hasn't changed.  It is about the size of a nickel. Is this something to be concerned about?  I never thought much of it.
I have an appointment to see a dermatolgist at the end of Febuary.  I do not have a clue as to how long it is safe to wait before having these moles checked.
Is it okay to wait until Febuary?
Is it possible for more than one mole to become cancerous at a time?
Does the description sound suspicious for anything in particular?
Any advice would be helpful.
In all I have 5 moles on my upper torso the size of a pencil eraser or larger that have a slightly suspicious appearance (to me).
Thank you for your time.
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The fact that you have several moles or spots makes it much more unlikely that any of them amounts to anything other than moles or freckles from prior sunburns.  Although I doubt that waiting till February is a problem, it would be good for your peace of mind if you could arrange to be seen sooner, if you can, either in the same office or elsewhere....


Dr. Rockoff
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I doubt  they are cancerous. My Dermatologis / Researcher told me that the average person has about 14 slightly atypical moles  (looks wise)...he might want to take one off and biopsy it. But they seem harmless. Cancerous moles usually have red in it too.

Dr. Rockoff can comment more.
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Dr Rockoff,
Thanks so much if you read this. Could you tell me if I should be concerned about the nickel size bruise under my big toe.  I ve had it over a year and it has not grown out with the nail.
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last nov. my husband and i went for are yerly physical.she asked if we had any concerns. i showed her a spot on his left breast.when in doudt have a biopsy done on it she said. she took it off then.a week later we got the call melinoma.we had to see a surgen 3 operations later we think we are ok.he had stage 3 melenoma it speads very rapidly.we took the month of feb. back and forth every day to the hospital for chemo.i now give him a shot on m,tue,&w.the spot was small and changed fast . please have all moles cheaked.they can be very serious.my husband  also has fair skin blue eyes & blond hair.
im not trying to scare you just trying to inform you .
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i was just wondering if you have had your moles chacked yet?i hope every thing is well for you.
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Hi Sallie1,
Thanks so much for your concern, and I am sorry to hear what your poor husband went through.  I hope he is okay now.  Last week when I was in to see my GP, I had him look at the moles.  He said he thought they were okay, but encouraged me to see the dermatologist to make sure.  I told him my appointment was in Feb. and he said that was okay.  So, for now I feel a little relieved but not totally until I see the dermatologist.  
I did not show the doc. my toenail or all the moles.  Just a couple.  
Thanks again for asking.
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