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unusual redness after waxing

Hi, I am a beauty therapist, and have been operating for 10 years, and in all this time i have never seen a case qiute like it.
I have been waxing a lady for years on her chin and lip, and only recently she has experienced a red sore area develop  on her chin,1 hour after waxing, which is stingy, and sore. which then scabs over and 2 days later peels away.
I know this is not a burn, as my wax i use is tested before application, niether did my client say it was too hot.
It is not a tear of the skin, as i pull the skin tight, and never lift up with the wax strip. ( i am extremly careful)

The strangest thing is, i had this happen once, the second time it never appeared, and the 3 rd time it reappeared, but opposite side. (duration being 6 weeks apart from 1st to 3rd time as client comes every 3 weeks for waxing)

any ideas as to what this could be? I have asked about medication/skin peels, or exfoliation creams, she is not using any of these.

could it be hormonal?

thank you
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It could be caused from constantly doing this. Some people have rather sensitive skin.
She could be allergic to one or more ingredients.
Most allergic reactions don't occur the first 1 to 3 times when exposed, but they will suddenly appear after the 3rd to 4th time.

Penicillin is a great example. Most people can take it 2 or 3 times with no problem...the next time they take it they have a serious reaction.

In her case, it's probably the skin itself. As we age we lose the collagen, elasticity, etc...as you probably already know.

She could also be developing facial psoriasis.
It could also be caused from a courser hair nicking the skin as it is being pulled out.

Don't worry...I doubt it's anything caused by you, as it sounds like you're doing everything right.
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