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upper and lower lip disoloration

I would like to know if there is a cure for my discolored lips that I have had since I was teenager. I am now middle aged and I feel so disfigured and it seems that as I become older I am getting more withdrawn from everything and everyone because I am so self conscious now. I had sought out treatment years ago, but when the dermatologist told me there was nothing they could do I just gave up hope and tried to live with it. It seems that everytime I get a cold sore that the brown color in my lips turns pink once the cold sore burst. The original brown color does not come back. Please help me!!!!
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If what causes your lip discoloration is a cold sore , then there are ways to prevent the cold sores from occurring. Antiviral medications may be taken upon appearance of the cold sore early on. This will hasten resolution of the cold sore. These discolorations  may be  postinflammatory pigmentations. If the cold sore recurs most of the time, then the area may appear pigmented after the cold sore has resolved.

Drink plenty of water. If scaling is present, a microscopic examination of the scales may help rule out a fungal infection. Use a lip balm with an SPF of at least 15. Applying lip moisturizer will also help smoothen the lips. The SPF will help prevent further pigmentation or darkening of the lips.
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I have discoloration on the bottom of my lip.  It's in the corner on the bottom.  I thought it was a fever blister because it felt raw, so I got some herpecin L.  It felt as if it were burning.

I am a single celibate female (have been for three years).  I drink plenty of water.  But it seems as though the discoloration is spreading.  I don't drink or smoke, and am a otherwise healthy 45 year old female.  I wanted to try Abreva, but at this point, does it really matter?

I appreciate any assistance.

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