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various red circles

I have 5 red oblong circles (patches of redness) on my torso, 2 around my bellybutton, one on my breast, one on my lower back and one on my upper back.  They are all approximately 1 cm. in diameter. These circles are very slightly raised, and have peeling/ dry skin on top.  They are not bothersome, but seem to be appearing randomly. My family doctor has never seen this before and has told me to see if it clears up on its own.  Does anyone know what this is, or what may be causing this?
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At this point,may I ask if you have any known allergies?

Has this happened before?

For how long have you been having this?

Do you have any known allergies?

This may be fungal infection, nummular dermatitis, insect bites, hives or urticaria. There may be other differentials to consider like a viral infection.

Are these spots itchy?

Do they have scales or are they shiny?

Any associated cough,colds or flulike symptoms with these rash?

I suggest that you refrain from touching them unncessarily.For any itchiness, apply a cold compress over the area.See a dermatologist for this. A fungal infection may be contagious and may spread through direct skin to skin contact.A nummular dermatitis is circular or coin shaped.It may show some tiny vesicles and may be itchy.

Discuss this with your physician.Topical corticosteroids and antifungals may be used.But the cause has to be ascertained first.Microscopic evaluation of the skin scrapings may be able to help.
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I have the same issue mostly on my breast they don't itch but are sore also some broke out on my back i looks like dry skin but I use cocoa butter daily & I do not have allergies!I'm curious to know what this could be!
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