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i am a physician and ordered a can of verruca-freeze and used it on a dozen if flat moles on my chest. i used a pipet but some of the liquid went out side the mole area. this was approx. 12 days ago. the area is now darkened and some of them have lessened in color but some of them remained darken.( the moles are still there.) will this darkening of the skin be permanent? have i permanently scared myself? if not how long will it take for it to go away.  will it be months? is the verruca-freeze the same as liquid nitrogen. thank you.
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Hello roy337,

The verruca-freeze is an alternative to liquid nitrogen and not exactly liquid nitrogen. It is used for 21 benign conditions and has a temperature of -70 degree Celsius.On the other hand liquid nitrogen has a temperature of -196 degree Celsius.

We in modern medicine don't use freeze methods for treating flat moles (junctional moles).The best method would be a laser therapy .

Now in your case there has been an injury to the skin leading to post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).Healing of skin depends upon how deep the injury is .If it is very deep in dermis then it may lead to a permanent mark or else it would gradually fade away.

Healing also depends upon which area of the body is involved & your skin type. Face has the best healing property because of its good vascularity .Chest would come the next.

It would be difficult to say at this moment that the scarring is permanent or not.

Usually such type of injury take months to heal. It would be a slow process. A mild steroid applied locally for a week may speed up the process. This would work like a anti-inflammatory agent. Later on you can mix hydroquinone cream to it. You can take a local dermatologist’s opinion on using these creams. The results would only depend upon how deep the pigmentation is.

Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon.

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Best Regards,
Dr.Bharat chawda
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