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vulvar melanoma

Hi, I had 2 small lesions taken off via punch biopsy; one looked like a sewing pin head and it was multicolored and the other was oblong and grayish black. I have no idea how long they were there. only visible to me after pubic hair was removed. If this is melanoma is this a certain short death sentence? From what I am seeing online there is nothing but bad prognosis with vulvar melanoma. Thanks
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Thanks for posting your query.

From your symptoms it can be a HPV wart or a benign skin growth.

Melanomas are usually >6 mm in size, with irregular borders, asymmetrical and dark in color. It is unlikely to be a melanoma from your description. Warts are contagious but the rest of the conditions are non contagious. Genital warts can be diagnosed through visual examination of the genitalia and surrounding areas.

You have got it biopsied. So in a few days you will get the report and the diagnosis will be confirmed.

Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon.

Wishing you good health.

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