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wart from a rose bush thorn

Has anyone ever heard of getting a wart from a rose bush thorn puncture. I got a thorn in the back of my thumb, which I removed. After a couple of days a small bump appeared, I just figured there was still some of the thorn in there so I waited for the thorn to come to the surface, which a tiny piece did.  A couple of month later a small wart appeared in the same place where the thorn was, now that wart has doubled in size (about 3/4 in in diam) I am treating it with apple cider vinigar, but it hurts like crazy. Just wandering if anyone has heard of this?......
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It is unlikely that it is a wart given your history of trauma. It can be due to abscess or cellulites skin. Cellulitis is an acute infection of skin and soft tissues characterized by localized pain, swelling, tenderness, erythema, and warmth.It usually follows a break in the skin, such as a fissure, cut, laceration, insect bite, or puncture wound.

I suggest you to get an evaluation done from a dermatologist.

I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
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Yes the Rosebush thorn can cause warts. The exact same thing happened to me. The wart is very painful & the pain feels as though it's to the bone. I tried everything to get rid of the two that popped up after trimming tosh bushes. The best remedy I've found was a crushed aspirin mixed with jock itch cream & apple cider vinegar on a bandaid. Leave bandaid on works best when it get wet. Wart disappeared completely within a week.
I tested my theory & trimmed my roses back without gloves last week & guess what??.....got poked by the thorn and now have a small wart forming. :/
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