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wats this rash on my face?

Im a 19 year old male and about a couple months ive had these red like rashes on the sides of both my cheeks.they were really not noticable jus realllyyy drieddd out . moisturizer din really worked thats how dry they were. I wen 2 my doctor a normal physician he told me to put neopsorin on it 4 for a week i told him how last summer i had 2 scars on my face from a red sun burned day at the beach that was picked off.I tan alot also in tanning beds wich i might think is part of the reason .So i tried the neopsoirn it helped dryed it up but then would come back in a couple days red and not dry at all.I started using cortisone cream thinking it was ecezema along wit another cream fluocinide. Well after a couple days my face turned bright red on both cheeks n nose like a butterfly rash now i dont no if this was cuz of the creams i put on? but they did burn at 1 point on my face i thought that was the proccess.MY face woudl get redder after sweating hott showers and heat. I then put vaseline on my face and abiotu a week later my face is not red like it was or swelling or burning but then came back the lil red spots wich r dry again.Im trying 2 get 2 a dermatoligist but it takes about 2 months 2 get an appoitnment so if ne1 here has ne answers for me it be greatly appreciated.
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Do you spend a lot of time under the sun?

Also, is this the first time that you have experienced this ?

Was the rash present even prior to your tanning sessions?

This may sound like a photosensitivity reaction, a dermatitis and a fungal infection. I suggest that you stop applying the medications that do not seem to improve your skin condition after at least 1 week of use. Use a mild and bland cleanser like Cetaphil or Neutrogena to wash your face everyday. Use a mild Vitamin E cream to moisturize it. Apply the cream thinly. Also, apply a hypoallergenic sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 over the area each time you go outdoors. Avoid direct sun exposure. Avoid heat and extreme cold. Refrain from your tanning sessions while this remains unresolved as the sessions may only aggravate the condition.

Somehow, this appears to be an inflammatory condition. Pursue your consult with the physician as soon as possible.

Does the rash have scales?

Does the rash contain tiny fluid containing blisters?
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thnks 4 replying i spent alot of time in the sun last summer i got really burned at the beach and got 2 scars from peeling on my cheeks i stopped tanning 4 a while after that it then wen 2 normal then i started goin 2 the tanning salon it was fine.Like i no wat ur thinking i should be wearing sunscreen well im 50 % percent sicilian other 25% italian n 25% german i didnt think i needed an spf becuase im pretty dark and so is my family.Then as i would go out on cold nights the to spots would get verry dry, dry 2 the point were i started jus using vaseline n baby oil n was still dry lol . thought it was like a winter wind rash then  i wen tanning again figuring it was jus a  scar cuz then it wasnt as bad u no n i wanted 2 be tan.It didnt bother me till about like 2 months ago were it got really dry and thats wen i havnt even been tanning or nethin it was jus soo dry.I then put neosporin like my doctor said to it cleared up but came back.he even checked me for lupus since it started out as 2 white spots on my cheek that came out negative, after that i used hyrdocotisone cream 2 % my sis was using for some kinda rash she had and it jus like burned my face and thats wen the dryness turned into red and i felt swelling n even like a feverish at times that lasted for like 2 weeks but now my face gets red blotchy spots on my cheecks n if not moutsrized they get dry and scaly like they did before so i either have red or dry skin on my face. There arent any blisters either.
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