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waxed chest, went tanning..going on a trip in 1 days

hey. if anyone can help me out. i got my chest waxed from my gf and there was a bit of a rash but nothing crazy. i went tanning the next day and I broke out really bad. the day after (today) its seemed to have went down a lot but still looks irratated and looks like there is white heads on some of them.
I read you can't be in the sun after waxing because it irratates skin etc.

Is there anything I can do to get rid of this rash and what should I do when Im on the beach in florida, am I going to break out again or was it the tanning lotion that caused the break out, or the recent exposure to the waxing which reacted with the sunlight(tanning lights)

i feel like an idiot that I did that a few days before leaving, it doesnt look THAT bad but im worried when i get on the sun with everyone its gonna rash out.

please any help is greatly appreciated.
Wondering if I should pop these little pimples..

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This sounds like folliculitis or a fungal infection. I would not advise you to spend so much time under the sun after this. I know this may be hard to do as it sounds like you are really excited about the trip. However, it is likely that the skin may get irritated and this may only aggravate the condition.  I suggest that you wash the area with a mild cleanser such as Cetaphil. Apply thinly 0.05% Fluocinonide cream over the area once daily. Apply only on affected areas for 3 days. Do not apply for more than a week. Avoid any tanning beds and sun exposure while you are applying the cream. If this worsens the condition, cease the application and have this assessed by your doctor. Always keep the area covered and dry.
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How long do you advise to stay out the sun. I am going to florida with my gf and 2 other couples...
This is quite common with waxing (it rashes and goes away).. I realize it broke out when I went tanning, but I read after your not suppose to go in sun within 24-48 hours of waxing. I put vitamin E on it, should I stop applying that and do exactly what you said. I dont technically need to go in the sun until Sunday, should I apply sun screen to the area so the sun doesn't affect the area?

Covered and dry, do you mean by a patch or something?
I heard it usually goes away within a few days so I will avoid tanning bans, can you just elaborate a bit more. Thanks.. err Im so upset cause of this!
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By the way, thanks a lot for your time, I appreciate it.
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