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welts upon touch

For as long as I can remember my skin would welt up at the slightest scratch  or even a touch. I knew it was weird, but I did not think much of it. Now I am starting to wonder more about what is really going on. My skin is really sensitive. If someone grabs my arm, it will tingle and itch and i would feel a welt start to form. When I used to play basketball if I got hit with the ball on my leg or anything it would welt up. Sometimes it would be a big circular welt. Sometimes it would be shaped as whatever it is that hit me. For example, one time when I got slapped on my arm. The welt raised up and you could clearly see a hand print. Sometimes it will look like a rash with the individual bumps in one area. If anyone has any clue about what that might be or if it happens to them as well and knows what could do that would be really helpful. Thank you! =)
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You are suffering from a condition called Dermographism.

'Patients with simple dermographism are asymptomatic and require no therapy. Recognition of the problem, avoidance of precipitating physical stimuli, reduction of stress and anxiety are important factors in medical care. Also, scratching because of dry skin can be reduced with good skin care and emollients. H1 antihistamines are the drugs of choice.'

You could read about the condition at the following links -




You should read this and let us know if you need any further information.


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