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what happens if you try to pop a mole or a cyst

i have what looks like a mole on my back and my wife tried to pop it a couple times it bled a little.it looks the same as it was.and im leaving it alone.just was curious as to what happens if you pop a mole or cyst?
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Moles wouldn't "pop", at least not like a pimple. If you tried, it would likely bleed. Do you know how to determine if it's a mole that should be checked for cancer? https://www.medhelp.org/cancer/slideshows/Get-Skin-Cancer-Savvy/205

A cyst is usually under the skin, and popping them would be difficult. You might be able to cause one to rupture, but if you have cysts, you should get your doctor to check those out and not try to pop or rupture them.
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