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what to do about molluscum contagiosum

molluscum contagiosum, whats the best way to have it treated if you are looking to avoid the cutting and nitrogen. The urologist said it will go away on it own eventually and I did some searching and saw some stuff about tea tree oil and such? Will condom use keep it from spreading or should that be avoided all i know it its like a skin infection any input nad advice would be great
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i was diagnosed with it on tuesday and ive had it for some months now.. ive been sexually active with my boyfriend and he doesnt seem to have gotten it from me.. condom wont help you.. as long as you dont scratch it and keep it clean itll go away faster and itll be a less of a chance to not spread it.. ive been using this ointment called Triamcinolone acetonide ointment USP, 0.1% .. it seems to be helping me.. my bumps have been getting smaller.. and they arent itchy at all.. i googled and didnt see anything about not being able to use it.. but its really starting to make it go away... and i use cortizone cream when its really itchy.. you can also use the cream called aldara.. its generally used for someone with genital warts.. but its been proven to help..
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Molluscum should resolve spontaneously however this may take quite sometime. Application of certain topical medications may not suffice as the virus causing molluscum is found within the center of the bumps. If the bumps are present, then the virus is present. Removing molluscum through electrocautery or freezing may be the most effective way of preventing spread and transmission.
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