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white skin around urethral opening

Hi, so recently at a checkup at an std clinic they noticed the skin in the urethral opening was white. It isn't painful or itchy but they told me they think It's lichen sclerosis. Another odd thing is there appear to be two spots which they said were yeast infections. These are to either side of my groin area, but actually on my legs. It's weird because they're patch like, red and pealing, and seem to have a simetrical distribution, not affecting anywhere else. I don't know if that could be related or not. I also have long term hypertention, and have had something similar to a chronic anal fissure. Anyhow please let me know what the causes of the white skin in the opening of the urethra could be, thanks.
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Hypopigmented area of the glans penis around urethral opening often could be a symptom of Lichen sclerosus, Vitiligo, viral warts, or it could be a residue of earlier inflammatory process (including bacterial/fungal/viral infection) or even a scar.  

To confirm fungal infection in groin area, as well as around urethral opening, simple diagnostic tests will be sufficient (KOH mount of a skin scraping and skin fungus culture).

Wishing You Optimal Health,
Dr. Jasmina Jankicevic

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I was also wondering if there is any chance it is someother kind of fungal infection that is causing all said symptoms in the groin area?
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Hi there, could white skin found on the inside of the urethra be linked with Acute bacterial prostatitis?

Thanks in advance
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