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whitish upper lip

First of, I want to say Hi to all my fellow forumers. As this is my first time posting, pardon me if I make any mistake.
I have small white dots on my upper lip(as shown in photo) which make it looks whitish. Those arent itchy or anything. But it makes me uncomfortable as it looks like some sort of skin disease. It looks conspicuous and all. I would like to know if I can do anything to make it go away. Sorry for my english for it isnt my mother tongue.

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i have seen before and it does look like a familar skin disease but i cant remember the name. always get something checked out by a doctor if you dont know what is wrong.
Just incase it is serious please get it checked out it could be anything.
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Thanks for the reply. I did check up with my dentist though I'm not sure if it is her field or not, she said its not disease and it's normal. But still looks to me some sort of skin disease and makes me very uncomfortable. Its been there ever since I can remember.
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The picture you have sent appears normal, there are no bumps visible. The upper lip is discolored when compared to the lower lip.

This could be genetic or it could have been due to some previous allergy, if you can recall any. Contact dermatitis due to irritants or allergens in cosmetics or skin-care products could have caused this darkening.
Dry lips can also appear darker than normal. A habit of frequently licking your lips, dehydration, exposure to wind, sun, and cold, dry air can all cause dry lips.

You need to use an oil-based lubricating cream or lip balm containing petrolatum or beeswax. This should also contain a sunscreen in it. Avoid licking your lips. Saliva evaporates quickly, leaving lips drier than before you licked them.

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Thanks for the reply doc. The upper lip looks discolored from the small white dots which spread across my entire upper lip. You could see them in photo. It isnt like smooth color changes from dark to white. It is cause by lots of small white dots. Currenly I'm not able to access dermatitis due to the place I live. And again thanks for the advice for my chap lip.
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I, too, have been looking for info about this...from what I can tell, it is totally normal. Here is a link to more info:
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