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My son is 6yrs old., yesterday, on him, I noticed these little pimple like dots ALL over his tounge also alligator scaley skin from head to toe, worse on the back of his hands & top of his feet.  He said for a bit that he was itchy, also that his tounge felt swollen (which it was a little).  I took him to the doctors this morning, where they assumed it had to be a form of strep throat....which they tested & it isn't.  Now, just assuming that it's some form of viral infection, just to give him Tylenol for any pain & Zyrtec for the itching or infection.  Uh, now...i feel like that is just a guess on what's wrong.  saying that it's ok for me to send him to school, considering that he doesn't have a fever.  I'm definately worried that there could be something wrong, not knowing what this is from or what can happen.  Please let me know on any information you can find out, even what caused this if you've ever heard of something similar.  Thank you for your help!!

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thank you for writing.  i've thought of all of that.  nothing new...we use the same soap, toothpaste & eat the same things as we do everyday.  i've taken him to the dr. & she is saying that this could be a form of strep throat.... which can also cause infection on the skin.  we're waiting for his 2nd diagnosis to come back in.  if not strep, she's saying maybe kawasaki disease!!  that sounds crazy, but it also an infection on the skin.  she also found a slight heart murmur, which totally freaked me out!!  i'm praying that we can find the right answer.
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Possibly an allergy, has he eaten something new just before this broke out , any Meds he is Taking or Supplements, new tooth paste or mouthwash, Does he drink sodas  I know some poeple are allergic to the sweetners in soda,the itching does sound like an allergy so check it out, probably take its course.
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