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Both my father and aunt have a condition called xanthelasma.  Neither of them have high cholestral or any other disease that may be the cause of this condition.  Could a healthy person develop this disorder?  Is this disorder genetic?
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Most xanthelasma is not associated with high setum cholesterol, even if these yellowish patches around the eye do indeed contain cholesterol.  Yes, it can be genetic.  Simple cosmetic procedures are available to minimize them, if you want, though of course they recur eventually.


Dr. Rockoff
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My husband recently had an old friend return to our home town.We haven't seen this friend in a couple of years.He has this skin disorder called xantelasma.He doesn't have alot of informatin about this,and specialist doesn't seem to know what to do about it.It covers most of his face.We have a 4 year old,and we are concerned about this being contagious.What can we do to help,and should we be concerned?
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