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I am a male in my early thirties.   I developed a rash on the upper inside of each of my legs about 2 months
ago.  Assuming it was jock itch, I began using Lamisil spray.  This did not resolve the problems.  I then made an appointment with my dermatologist.  He took a culture and determined
that it was yeast, not fungus.  He prescribed Oxistat cream and Z-sorb powder.  THis seemed to improve the condition, but certainly did not eliminate it.  I saw him again about two weeks
ago, he then presribed Lamisil tablets for 15 days, as well as Zyrtec for the itching.  I took this and the problem was still not resolved completely.  I contacted my dermatologist again and he prescribed Diflucan, three tablets total.  I took one a week for three weeks.  The redness is gone; however, I am still experiencing slight itching.  I am not scratching, so as not to have a relapse, but sometimes the itching still keeps me up at night..  I just recently took my last Diflucan and am concerned that this condition will recur.   I am currently using Mycostatin powder two times daily....this has not stopped the slight itching.   Can you offer any other
alternatives, prescribed OR over-the-counter, that could possibly help to completely resolve my
problem?  Thank you for the service you provide.
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It sounds as though your yeast is long gone, leaving behind a little redness and some sensitivity.  I would suggest not using any more anti-yeast medication and just treating the itch with an OTC product like Sarna lotion, as needed.

If the rash recurs--which it should not do--you can contact your doctor for another look.

Take care.

Dr. Rockoff
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