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yellow spots on upper lip

I had a cold sore on my upper lip a month ago that went away in about a week or so. It left a red mark after and it still hasn't gone away. I read somewhere that Vitamin E and Aloe Vera lip balm could shorten the healing time so I bought Aloe Vera and started using it on my lips since three days ago.
The thing is that since I started using it my upper lip has become somewhat yellowish in some areas around the the lower side all the way around, and a little even a bit up on the lip. Could this be an effect from the Aloe Vera lip balm? I red something today about Fordyce's Condition and it looks awfully lot like that. I've never seen these spots before and there are plenty of them now. Will they go away or at least be less visible? It seems a little bit strange that they were not there just a few days ago...maybe something triggered them due to Aloe Vera? Feel kinda bad about this..
Hope you can help me. / Matthew  
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How old are you?

This may be a reaction to the aloe vera or the spots could have been there already but unnoticed. One thing to exclude here is a recurring cold sore. Cold sores usually involve the lips and they may recur. Also aphthous ulcers may involve the lips and they may present as small spots or bumps. They may also present with pain.

I suggest that you have this assessed by your physician. A dermatologic consult may be necessary. Fordyce's condition is a possible differential here and this does not require immediate intervention. Although I do understand that this may be a bit discomforting, Fordyce's condition may resolve on its own. It is a cosmetic problem and you may want a dermatologist to see it. It does not require medical therapy.
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Hi, thank you for your answer:)
I'm 26 years old. I've never had any problems with acne, oily skin or any other skin disorder. Seems a little bit weird that the yellow marks/spots show up exactly in the areas where I used aloe vera lip balm and that I first started noticing them after I started using it doesn't it? Do you recommend me to keep using it or to lay low for a while? I have booked a time with a dermatologist next week. If it is Fordyce's condition will it always be the same amount of spots or are they likely to reduce in numbers? Maybe the spots were there before but in lower numbers I don't know. They do not hurt or itch at all, and there are no bumps involved. Seems a little strange that they just happen to show up right after I started using Aloe Vera... / Matt
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