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Can someone tell me what does these results from my urinalysis mean

Name               Result                  Name                             Result
S.G                   1.020                   Colour                            Yellow
Ph                      6                         Appearance                   Opalescent
Glucose            Normal                WBC/HPF                      2-4
Protein              Negative              RBC/HPF                      2-4
Nitrite                Negative              Epithelial Cells/HPF      FEW
Urobilinogen     Normal                 Bacteria                         +
Bilirubin            Negative               Cast                               Nil
Erythrocytes    Negaitve               Crystal                           Nil
Haemoglobin    Negative               Yeast                             Nil
Leucocytes      Negative                                            
Ketones           Negative                Other                             +1 Spermatoza
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we are not medical doctors here, so your final results reading should come from your health provider.

However, the results appear normal.

Best wishes to you.
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