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Gestational Diabetes

Mommies who has gestational diabetes and how are you dealing with it?
I'm 13 weeks and was just told that I have gestational diabetes. I'm waiting on being admitted to a high risk clinic but this wait has me stressing out.
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How did you find out it?
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I had the one-hour glucose test where you drink that sugary drink and attempted at the three hour glucose test and it seems both came out high.  So, at my check up yesterday Ob/gyn is referring me to a high risk clinic.
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I currently have gestational diabetes and this is my 3rd pregnancy. I had it only with my first pregnancy and now this 3rd one. I have been able to manage my sugar levels by cutting out a lot of carbs/sugar and drinking a lot of water. I am 29 weeks already and so far I haven't had to take any medications. It is very hard to stick with it but at the end of the day it's very important to me to keep my baby healthy and growing normal and not so quickly.

Is this your first pregnancy?
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Gestational diabetes is manageable.  It will definitely mean you need to follow a diet and likely you will be taking insulin.

I have had 2 diabetic pregnancies, both with great outcome and healthy children, which means all the hard work was worth it.

I found eating low carb was very beneficial to controlling blood sugars.  This means that you diet is mainly meats, non-starchy veges, full fat and unsweetened dairy, nuts, etc.  

With insulin you will need to monitor frequently and your insulin dose may be adjusted frequently.  It sounds scarey, but actually being able to use insulin is a blessing because it is the tool that will result in a healthy baby.

Wishing you all the best.  Please keep asking questions.
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Thanks for your response. And this is my second pregnancy and I didn't have gestational diabetes with my first.
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I have gestational diabetes for my second pregnancy. I am 37 weeks now. I was not able to control my sugar with my diet, until I started drinking apple cider vinegar with mother. I drink it throughout the day and I have been able to keep my sugar below 95 for fasting and below 110 2 hours after meals. I was prescribed medication for it, but read that it could affect the baby... So now I am doing it naturally, and very relieved.
Thanks for sharing that with me. I am still not being treated for it until next month but trying to stay away from sweets as much as possible for now.
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I am 31 weeks pregnant just found out i failed much 1 hour couldn't complete the 3 hour. I started monitoring my blood sugar but mine always seems so low testing 2 hours after eating average is about 86. I'm so stressed cause I don't want anything to happen to our rainbow boy.
Oh goodness, I hope you can find a way that will help you control your blood sugar levels. And try not to stress, stress seems to always make any circumstance worse. God willing you're baby boy will be healthy and strong.
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Hi Mommyof7,
average blood sugar of 86 after eating is excellent result.  This is not low, it is NORMAL.

Keep up your good work (avoiding sweets and whatever you're doing on diet) and do keep monitoring.

Best wishes to you and your rainbow boy.
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