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Gestational diabetes ????

Anybody with gestational diabetes when do you know when your sugar is to low or to high...what are the numbers I should stay in between to be good
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Fasting first thing in morning no higher than 5.3 and after meals upto 7.8 that's what they recommend in England
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I don't have gestational.  I've been diabetic for 20 years.  All the numbers and info is the same. They want your numbers under 125 2 hr after meals. If you're low (under 70) you may feel clammy/sweaty, shaking,  heart racing. If your sugar is high (200 and up usually) you may feel nauseous,  extreme thirst, frequent urination.  If your numbers are high you need to call your doctor.  Mine says 200 is the cutoff to call.
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I got diabetes with my first pregnancy from the beginning...I am on an insulin pump...I know they want me like 90 pre meals and under about 140 to 150 two hrs after meals...they should have taught u all this or had u go to a class...its a lifestyle change and takes some adjustments  
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Thanks...well my first class is until next Wednesday... So I really don't know much...
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I think every clinic is different they want me less then 85 when i wake up and less then 110 2 hours after meal so i think it depends on your doctor
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