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Important question !

I have gd so i have to do my sugar test 1 hr or 2 hrs after every meal and can u tell me  about the normal numbers and for fasting too ...thanks
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I was directed by my OB to take my sugar 4x a day. Once in the morning after fasting and 1hr after each meal.
For fasting sugar should be less than 90
And 1hr after meal, it should be less than 140
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Since you are diagnosed with gd, doctor would recommend frequent checkups,especially during last 3 month sof pregnancy.Doctor will mointor blood and you would be advised to do the monitoring daily. Opt ofr insulin if it continues to trouble you(after consulting doc). els eit may affect placenta and oxygen supply to the baby.
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My Doctor advised me to take my blood sugar 4x a day. Before breakfast (range 60 - 95)
2hours after breakfast, 2hours after lunch, 2 hours after dinner (range 60 - 120).
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I was told my fasting should be below 95
Breakfast inch and dinner below 130 after 1 hr or 120 after 2 hrs.
Hope this helps.
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