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Pregnancy diabetes

I am 33 weeks pregnant and I been going thru dis since I was 21 weeks and I cant stand it everything I eat is not working it makes it high or not eating enough sometimes I don't want to eat wat can I do to get pass all of dis until my Lil one come and it's my 3rd child and the only one I had it with
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I'm 33 weeks myself, this is my first and I'm going to take the test for the second time. Last time I took the test it was to high. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong myself and I haven't been eating sweets myself. So I'm lost whenever you get info please share with me
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Try to limit all white food(potatoes, white bread,milk,  pasta, etc). Up your greens, and protein. Remove all sugars, try to eat a salad before your meals,  and walk daily. I had a very hard time adjusting to a new diet. I got the hang of it and have really low numbers now.  This is my third pregnancy and first time having GD.
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Hi, are you on insulin?  If you're not and you're having a hard time controlling numbers, then you should be on insulin and it will make things much easier.

I can recommend eating low carb (meat, heaps of non-starchy veges, eggs, full fat dairy, nuts).  No grains or sugars, even fruits are very sweet, no sweetened foods or drinks.  Your baby gets your blood sugar levels, it doesn't know what you eat.  

Taking a walk after each meal may also help control numbers.
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I'm not on insulin but I do take pills for it twice a day morning and nite and my numbers still be high
Please discuss with your Dr.  it may be time to take insulin.  Insulin will give you better and easier control.
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