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Tips to lower fasting blood sugar( 1st BS check of day)

Hi. I am 29 weeks pregnant & diagnosed with GD last Thursday. I have been testing my blood sugars for 4 days now. Most numbers are within range except for 2 pre-breakfast blood sugars which were 97 (MD wants 95 & below for these.)I have had bedtime snack below 20 carbs, but still notice the increase. Any suggestions? TIA
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Struggling with this too after 3 weeks of trying everything under the sun at bedtime dr put me on a pill before bed.
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the fasting  blood sugar is actually the hardest to manage in pregnancy.

You could try eating a protein / fat snack (rather than carbohydrate), at bedtime.  

You could also try taking a walk after dinner (may help reduce the insulin resistance).

Ultimately though, you may end up needing medications to get your sugars on target.

Best Wishes to you and your baby.
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