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gestational diabetes?

hi i just got diagnosed with gestational diabetes and am 29wks today.  I wondered if others have it and how it is impacting your pregnancy? I feel so down :(
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Oops!!! sorry
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Dont be down! I know several people that have this during their pregnancy.. just stay focused on being active, eating right, and drinking lots of water. Make sure you are eating right and try not to snack or eat the "bad" foods.  Just stay open with your doctor and don't be afraid to ask questions.  One of the things I keep hearing when women have gestational diabetes is that they have larger babies.  
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I have it also. I watch what I eat and try to eat healthy snacks that are low in sugar.
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Also my baby is measuring to be large. They will try to convince you to have a c section. If you oppose to that then stand your ground about it unless it's necessary. But other then that it's nothing to be down about enjoy being pregnant and just make wise food choices :)
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I have it! It made me realize how badly I was hurting my body by how much sugar I was putting into my body! It's hard at first but you'll get used to it by just watching all your carbs and everything. They told me mine was measuring large and then now he's not lol!
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Thanks ladies. I have to wait for the hospital to be in touch now my gp has referred me to their care :( I'm just so bummed as I was classed as over weight pre pregnancy and have been cautious not to gain too much and have only put on 3kg so far so thought it would all be fine :( looks like my guilty pleasure of a sweet treat at night is now gone! I'm so nervous now about her being a big bubby my other 2 were only 6lb 8 and 7lb 2 :-/
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