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gestational diabetes

Just been diagnosed with gestational diabetes and wondered if anyone had any experience with it?
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Ive been a diabetic since I was 13. Its hard.. try to maintain. . Even after. What they fail to tell you is once your one... it stays. Good luck
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It's hard at first but it does get easier.  I cried a lot in the beginning.
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Gestational diabetes goes away as soon as you have the baby. I had it with my second child, no big deal, take care of yourself, eat right and WALK!! Everything will be alright, don't worry.
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I haven't had it during any of my pregnancies but my mom did with one of my sisters. It went away after that pregnancy.
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I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes.
This is what I've been told.

It is genetic, not by any means your own fault.
Your mother or grandmother or auntie may have had Gestational Diabetes during their pregnancy?
They might even not known they had it.

If you can control your bloodsugar levels with diet and light exercise, then excellent.
If not, you may need to start taking insulin.
Don't be devestated if you have to start with insulin, your body stopped producing enough insulin and if you don't have enough -then it is just that.
Not enough.

I was living a health nut lifestyle and STILL failed some of my bloodsugar readings.
It was frustrating and devastating.
Now I am on insulin and my readings are good, which is much better than growing a too large baby that may have high health risks if you do not control your bloodsugar.

What happens when your body has too much sugar is that it sends too much sufar through to your baby.
Your baby has insulin, but not nearly enough for these sugarlevels.. so your baby grows.
And fast too!
This does NOT mean it develops faster, some development areas actually SLOWS down.
Like the development of lungs and breathing.
Your breastmilk may also come in later, around week 35, you should see a specialists for your breastmilk and she will examine you and show you how to massage them and to hopefully stimulate milk flow.

This is one thing your hospital should monitor closely for a few days before they release you two home again.
They will also test your babys bloodsugar levels and of course yours.

You have 1/3 chance that you'll STILL have diabetes after birth.
If you don't have it, you still have an increased chance of getting diabetes later in life.
Diabetes is quite serious, so you should make sure to check it regulary even if you don't have it.
Ask your doctor how often you should check yourself for diabetes after you've had your baby.
..oh yes.
If you get pregnant again, you're very likely to have Gestational Diabetes again.

Gestational diabetes *****.
I'm sorry, but it really does.
It makes your day revolve around it and it is frustrating having that additional THING when we are already going through so much.

Good luck hun.
I hope it goes well.
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I found out i had it early(around 9/10w) but i think i had it before...i was soooo worried but my specialist was verrry reassuring-dnt let it stress u, it can be controlled& it can possibly go away but its a possibility tht youD still have it...It can b time consuming for a healthy baby its worth every second-Good luck, every thing is gonna b okay
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