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24 years old; numbness and sweet tooth


I'm 24 and in relatively good shape--I'm thin, eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, work out semi-regularly.  To my knowledge, I have no family members with diabetes.   However, I eat a lot of candy--probably 2 lbs of Reese's Pieces a week.  It isn't affecting my weight but I have been experiencing spots of numbness, at different times, in my shoulders, feet, arms, hands, calves and thighs.  It seems to correlate with my recently increased candy-eating.  It's not like when your foot falls asleep; it has a throbbing quality, though it's painless .  Am I pre-diabetic?

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Hi Terry!  You pose a great question.  Unfortunately, only a physician can give you an accurate diagnosis of being pre-diabetic or diabetic, and since I am not one, I cannot answer that question for you.  What I can do is give you my opinion on what you have told me and share what I do know with you.  First of all, I would make an appointment for a complete physical with my physician and explain these symptoms.  Writing them down prior to your appointment is important so that you don't forget anything.  The numbness in association with eating high quantities of sugar may be significant, so make sure that you bring this up.  Besides blood work, one of the tools that your physician should order is a glucose tolerance test. Diabetes is defined as having a fasting plasma blood glucose level of 126 mg/dl or greater on two separate occasions.  In general, people who have a fasting plasma blood glucose in the 100-125 mg/dl range are defined as having impaired fasting glucose.  If your doctor gives you an oral glucose tolerance test, and at two-hours your blood glucose is 140-199 mg/dl, you have "impaired glucose tolerance."  Either of these is medical terminology for what could be referred to as "pre-diabetes."  Be sure to ask your doctor what your exact blood sugar test results are.  These are very definitive tests that will give you the answers that you are looking for.  I am sure you already know that even if diabetes is not what is causing you these symptoms, 2 pounds of Reese's Pieces a week isn't a very healthy food choice for anyone.  I have a sweet tooth myself and can really identify with the urge for something sweet.  I have a 16 year old daughter with diabetes (diagnosed at age 21 months) and I try to set a good example for her by staying away from candy altogether.  Lately I have gone on the weight watchers web page and have been trying their dessert recipes (you don't have to join to get them, just sign up) and I must say that it has been fun trying new recipes and I've enjoyed them also.  They also have articles that may help you deal with the sweet cravings.  I wish you luck and please keep us posted as to how you make out.  It is important that you make your appointment soon.
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Thank you so much for taking the time to give me such a thoughtful, informed reply.  I will take your advice.
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