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3 year old type one suspected?

Ok so I posted in another post about how I was worried about my daughter well after labs and daily finger pricks her sugar level has reached 200 or close multiple times and her fasting levels are higher than he would like so off to a pediatric endo we go. However our insurance requires a referral so another days wait. I am still monitoring her and keeping journal of all she has eaten Thur out the day. But my question is has anyone here ever had the same issue. From most of the stories I have read type one present super fast and child sugars are normally at dangerous level before the parent finds out. The highest hers has been was 203. 3 hours after eating. And from time to time she will get ok results. Her pediatric doctor told us between 70-110 120 max after eating for a child who is not diabetic as they tend to run lower. Sometimes hers are close to 120 such as 128 and soemtiems hers are 150,183,174,144,130, in the morning they can be 110,96,83, 133. Her fasting lab draw 2 weeks ago was 77 but the doctor wanted us to continue at home until we saw the other doctor. So again I guess what I'm asking is has anyone else experience this where they I guess they caught it early? Or it's progressing slow? I'm so confused by all this. And I'm waiting for endo. But I just wanted to know if anyone else has gone Thur this where levels where high but not rush to ER high. ?
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Hi Christina,
I saw you over in **********.  You are getting good answers there too.

Diabetes can develop slowly or fast.    In your daughter's case seeing this is over a few weeks, it is fairly fast, but not emergency level.

Considering kids levels are typically in the 60 - 90 range all the time, it is no wonder your daughter is feeling bad.

I am having same thing with my daughter (and managing low carb).  You could also go to the typeonegrit group, and you'll see there are other parents also watching slowly progressing type 1.

Big learning curve coming up for you, Mamma.  You and your daughter can do this!  She will feel better!
Yes mam I've been trying to find someone having close to issue I'm having. We are going to doctor may 9th. She does feel so awful. I'll check out that Facebook group. You mentioned sndyes that other place is wonderful people are super helpful and nice
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i'm not completely type 1 yet they said it's a matter of time but i'm just like this! my blood sugar reaches 300 every so often but i can't do much have you guys checked her A1C?
We have an appointment may 9th they said hey would check it.
good luck!
Ktroth.  Blood sugars of 300 are pretty high.  How are you treating it?  Are you eating low Carb? Taking meds? Would recommend a second opinion is you're not being treated yet.  
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